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Welcome to our Tundra Homepage! We hope while viewing our pages, you learn alot about the Tundra and its magnificent features.
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The Tundra is located in the northern hemisphere, in the upper edges around Russia, northern Cananda, above Canada, Europe, Alaska, and Greenland. It covers one-fifth of the entire worlds surface. 75 degrees latitude, to 60 degrees longitude is the Tundra's exact general location. It can also cover some parts of Antarctica.

This is a map of where the Tundra biome is located. It is respresented in the yellow.

There are only two seasons in the Tundra, Summer and winter. In the summer, the temerature is between 3 and 12 degrees. But in the winter, it is around -28 and -78 degrees celsius. There are two difrent Tundras. The Arctic and Alpine. The Alpine tundra doesn't traverse large expanses of terrain like some of the other biomes do. It's is not limited to certain places. It only depends on the elevation level of the land. The Arctic tundra is located almost on the entire Northern Hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere it is found on some islands off of Antarctica as well as the Antarctic peninsula.

Arctic Tundra
Arctic Tundra
Alpine Tundra
Alpine Tundra

This is the Tunra in the summer.
This is the Tunra in the summer.
This is the Tundra during the cold winters.


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