Hi, Welcome to Bisam's and Franciska's biomes. I hope you learn a lot about Tropical Rain Forest after you read this information. Thanks for reading!

Tropical Rain Forest has various locations, one of them is the Amazon. The Amazon is the worlds largest tropical rain forest. It is home to a variety of plants and animals on Earth. The second one is Africa, Africa as the 2nd largest tropical Rain forest. Madagascar (part of Africa) is home to many unique plants and animals not found anywhere else. The 3rd one is Southern Asia, Southern Asia has a country called Bangladesh, Bangladesh has a large area of mangrove forest in the world. Austraila the 4th has many different kinds of animals that occur nowhere else.
South America, Africa, Southern Asia, Australia

Our biome, The Tropical Rain Forest, has the Temperture of about 23 to 30 celsius. The Tropical Rain Forest has 2 seasons.One seasons is hot and the other is wet. In the wet season rainfall is heavey and falls throughout the afternoon frequently and gets about 150 to 250 centimeter of rain. The pictures below show the 2 seasons, wet season and hot season.
Hot season in Costa Rica
Wet season in North Vietnam
Wet season in North Vietnam


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