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Temperate Rain Forests can be found many places such as: Norway, UK, Japan, New Zealand, and Southern
Australia. But the largest temperate rain Forests are found on the Pacific Coast of North America. The smaller areas of the Temperate Rain Forest are South America and Chile.
This is a map of the locations of the Temperate Rain Forests


There are two different seasons in the Temperate Rain Forest. One season is winter. They can have temperatures as cold as -30 degrees Celsius. Summer is the second season they can get the temperature as hot as 20 degrees Celsius.

Temperate Rain Forest in Winter.
Temperate Rainforest in Summer.

Variation's Between Location's

There is different climate, rainfall, plants, and animals that grow in different locations of the Temperate Rain forests. Certain trees grow in certain area's like in South British Columbia the Big Leaf Maple Tree grows. In Southern Alaska to Sitka Spruce grows. Also in the Pacific coast from Southern Alaska Northwestern California the Western Hemlock tree grows. The climate is comparable between all of the locations. Rain or snow couold both happen depending on what season its on 200 cm of rain each year and 350 in warmer area's. Temperature varies from -30 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius.

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