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A Deciduous Forest in Ohio

The Temperate Deciduous Forest is everywhere in the world! Some of these places are most of Europe, the lower part of Asia, and the most of the east side of the United States. In Asia the Deciduous Forests are India, the lower part of China, most of Europe. All Michigan to some of Florida,all the way to Maine, and a little Taiga in between. The differences between all these areas are some trees and some animals, some of these plants and animals include pines, maples, spiders, and fox.

World Biomes

The Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome has four seasons. Here in Michigan it happens every year. The average Precipitation for a Temperate Deciduous Forest is about 75-150 cm in an average spring and summer. Seasonal it's -30 degrees in Celsuis to 30 degrees Celsuis.

If you don't know this, China and Michigan are different. There are panda bears who live in the temperate deciduous region of southern China aren't in Michigan unless you go to the zoo. Southern China has bamboo forest in the mountains while Michigan has lake side animals. Some of southern China has enviroments that they can only provide, but Michigan has enviroments that they can only provide. Southern China and Michigan are the same biome, but have a few differences.

Top left winter, bottom left summer, top right spring, bottom right fall.


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