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Location Paragraph
To find the taiga biome it is located in northern Europe, Canada, Asia, and North America. You can find taiga in Europe, Canada, Asia,and North America. Because the taiga is 50 degrees longitude to the Arctic Circle.
Map of Taiga location

The taiga is mostly a coniferous forest. Coniferous forests are evergreen trees with needles, kind of like the temperate rain forest.

Climate Paragraph
The taiga has four seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The average precipitation in the taiga Winter is 50.8-101.6 centimeters. The average precipitation in the taiga Summer is 25.4-50.8 centimeters. Autumn and Spring go by so fast they are hardly noticeable.The average temperature for summer in Celsius is 40 degrees. And for winter it is -3 degrees Celsius. Autumn and spring are so fast you hardly recognize them. Some variations between locations is in the taiga there are birds like the waxwing, the hawk owl,, pine grosbeak, and the red throated loon. In the rainforest their is a bunch of exotic birds like the crested guan. Also in the taiga there is beavers, European red squirrels, and lynx. In the rainforest there are cougars, pumas, snakes, gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans.

taiga Winter

taiga Summer


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