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Location of the Open Ocean

The open ocean is located all around the world. There are, however, four main oceans all over Earth. The Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is located between North and South America and Africa and Europe. The Arctic Ocean is located around the North Pole, or north of Russia, Europe, and North America. The Pacific is located between Australia and Asia, as well as the Americas, both North and South. The Indian Ocean is located south of Asia, east of Africa and west of Australia and Indonesia.

Map of ocean locations with continents (oceans in tan font color)

The 3 main zones of the Open Ocean

*The Sunlight Zone goes down to 200 meters*The average temperature is 17 degrees Celsius
*The Twilight Zone goes down to 1,000 meters*The average temperature is about 9 degrees Celsius
*The Deep Ocean zones*The Deep Ocean Zones include:

*The Midnight Zone goes down to 4,000 meters*The average temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius

*The Abyss Zone goes down to 6,000 meters*The average temperature is about 2 degrees Celsius

*The Trenches go down to the deepest parts of the ocean*The average temperature varies depending on how deep the specific trench goes.
Ocean Zones Diagram
Ocean Zones Diagram

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