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There are many climates for Ocean Shores since they are located all over the world. Such as Africa, Madagascar, and Japan located in West Asia. The two main places we are focusing on are Japan and Madagascar. Japan has four seasons- Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Madagascar on the other hand, only has two. They are hot and rainy season and cool and dry season.
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Since Japan has four seasons, their climate varies. The average precipitation of Japan is 100cm-over 250cm. The average tempature is 17-9 degrees Celcius. Madagascar has two seasons.Hot and wet and cold and dry. The average percipatation is 100cm-150cm and the average temprature is 9 to 20 degrees Celcius. As you can see, Japan and Madagascar are very different from each other. Madagascar has two seasons and is close to the equater, while Japan has four seasons but, it is mostly cold and away from the equator.

Japan"s Four Seasons
Japan"s Four Seasons
Madagascar's Hot and rainy season
Madagascar"s Cold and Dry season

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