One human impact on the Grassland is negitive because humans have changed the landscape. Like for example,farmland. Humans would start to grow crops. Industrialization is another problem. People are building houses and factories. Animals were shot for decorations. Like the elephant was shot for its tusks. Some people would start fires and it would spread qiuckly through the Grassland. The fires take forever to get put out.

Another human impact on the Grassland that is positive is humans just undoing what they have already done to the Grassland. The goverment is protecting 1% of all Grasslands in the world. Humans are trying to cut down on wildfires. The goverment has stopped hunting because of the extinction of animals. There is only one more American buffalo because of the humans hunting them. The Grassland is a beautiful thing. We have to protect them.

One problem in the grassland is that periodic fires are needed to maintain them; this happens naturally and helps maintain the diversity of plants and animals. Controlled fire programs are one way to maintain the grasslands And to prevent uncontrolled wildfires From threatening peoples homes, lives and property.

Another problem in the Grassland biome is overgrazing. Overgrazing is when there are to many animals in a certian area. All the animals in an area take up the fresh air so some animals get sick or die. We can prevent this by moving some animals, a cow for example to a place where there are not as much animals but is still a suitable home for the cow. Everyone should try to help the grasslands, the grasslands are wonderful places and homes to many animals.


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