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Positive Human Impact:
The Kennebec Estuary is a priority for The Nature Conservancy as they work to protect Maine's environment. They are working with a variety of mid-coast Maine conservation partners to protect wildlife habitats and restore the health of the ecosystem. The Nature Conservancy in Maine and its partners in the Maine Wetlands Protection Coalition have helped add nearly 5,000 acres to the 10,800 acres of conservation land throughout the whole region.
Also the Coastal Zone Management Department started a water quality program for the Cocohatchee Estuarine System. The purpose of this program is to check for any positive or negative trends of the water in the estuary. They take samples every month, and all the information collected will be used as a baseline of the water quality for this estuary.

the construction of buildings pollute the water

Negative Human Impact:
Humans are a major threat to estuaries. One of the main estuaries taking a hit from us is the Hudson River Estuary. Its manying coastal factories pollute its waters that flow into the estuary. Human activities that threaten estuaries include pollution, overfishing, sewage, coastal settlement and land clearance.They are also effected by events far upstream like dumping plastics, pesticides, furans, dioxins, phenols, heavy metals into them.

Problem 1: Poor water quality causes a loss of recreational activities. Humans can clean the water or prevent dumping trash into it. We can also help by avoiding entering sensitive habitats areas with a your boat or other motorized watercrafts, maintain your boat engine to prevent oil and gas leaks, and avoid shoreline erosion by going at safe boat speeds.

Problem 2: Construction of dams are one of the major threats to estuaries nation wide. The construction of dams are one of the worst things. It can cut off an estuary's freshwater river routes and natural streams. When this happens, the fresh and saltwater balance is changed and the estuary can be seriously damaged or destroyed. Don't build dams on estuary river routes, or natural streams.
a dam constructed on an estuary river route
a dam constructed on an estuary river route


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