Katie B.

On a humid, sunny summer day in the hot desert of Sunny Side Mountains, there was a fox entitled with the name of Foxy. He decided to go and find some food one day. He looked around and heard a thump, thump. He called out “Who’s there?!” the thumping paused. He looked around and saw a furry white ball of a rabbit pop out of the bushes. He bounded up onto him and ate him, complacent with himself that he.once again had received his prey.
4 miles apart, there breathed a colony of termites barbarically trimming down fragments of a small branch of a baby Joshua Jaguar Tree. The branch collapsed to the dirty, sandy land, concluding the trees abridged life. The termites yelled out “Yippee! We have lunch now!”
7 miles away, there lived a small bird hovering in a 14 foot tree , stomping in twigs to construct a shelter for her and her family to house in. She flew down back and forth from the tree,and grabbed more twigs. The bird yelled out “Thank you majestic tree! For lending your tree for my family to live in, and not even care about it!”
13 miles northwest, there was a bumble bee collecting pollen from a flower in the desert and flying back in the direction of his hive. He stopped to his second flower and on his way leaving, he said “Thank you flower, for letting me collect your pollen to give us bees our delicious honey.” The flower responded by saying, “You bees are also helping us flowers to survive! So thank you, also!”


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