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1.) What is the human impact on your biome?

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Humans have many different ways of harming the desert. But one of these ways is by off roading.Off road vehicles such as 4X4's, motorcycles, and ATV's strip the deserts topsoil, and make it hard for plants to grow. A lot of people drive their off road vehicles in unrestricted areas all around the desert. The vehicles leave tracks in the soil which will scar the land for decades. As the vegetaion is harmed, so are the animals. When vegetaion slowly dissapears in population, so does the animal population. Animals that hide in the sand can also be harmed. The sand viper, which hides so well in the soil, can become an accidental victim of off roading mayhem.

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2.)What are the problems in your biome that need to be addressed by humans?

People are making canals for animals so they can drink on a daily basis without starving. and they are also taking all of the removed soil and putting it in a safe place where it can not damage the environment around it. They can also put fish in the river so the river can thrive with food and water for the animals.

A stream in Utah

Katie B.
Problem 1 and its possible solution.
One problem in the desert is global warming. Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere. The greenhouse gases which are ever-present in the earth’s atmosphere help to keep a constant and livable temperature for all life on the planet. Over the years, we have pumped far too many of these gases into the atmosphere in the form of fossil fuels and carbon, causing the planet’s temperature to rise.Most would think that a desert being hot is nothing unusual. But just as a few degrees can melt the ice caps and forever change the world, so can a few degrees in one of the world’s deserts. Some solutions that we all could do are:

-Bike more and drive less or try to carpool with othher people.
-Look for energy star appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters.
-One of the quickest ways to reduce your global warming impact is to unplug the extra refrigerator or freezer you rarely use.
-Replace all of your regular light bulbs with an energy-saving model light bulbs.
-You can also make a difference in your own backyard. Get a group in your neighborhood together and plant some trees.

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Problem 2 and its possible solution.

Another is a lack of water in animals and plants diet so they get dehydrated and die. If this problem is not addressed quickly enough then most or all of the animals and plants in the desert will die. But what can we do you may ask. Well here's what. We can make a special reserve in the desert for plants and give them water every day with irrigation systems so they won't die. And we can build canals for the animals so they can go out and get water on there own so they don't starve.


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