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Coral reefs can be found in tropical oceans near the equator. The largest reef is the Great Barrier Reef, it is located in Australia. The second largest reef is off the coast of Belize in Central America. Others can be found in Hawaii, The Red Sea, and other tropical oceans. 84% of the reefs in the United States are in Hawaii.

This is a world map. The red areas show where coral reefs are located all over the world.

There are three major levels of depth in coral reefs. The first level is the reef flat zone. This is the very top level and is 0-2 meters in depth. The second level is the reef crest zone. It is the middle zone of a coral reef and is 2-10 meters deep. The third layer of a coral reef is called the fore reef. This zone is 10-30 meters in depth. The average temperature of a coral reef is 26-27 degrees Celsius. Few reefs exist in waters below 18 degrees Celsius.
Coral reefs have many variations between locations. The Great Barrier Reef is located off north-eastern Australia and runs into the coastline of the state of Queensland. On the other hand The Buccoo Reef is located off the waters of Tobago. It is one of the islands of the Caribbean.

This diagram shows the different levels, or zones of a coral reef. There are three major zones: reef flat, reef crest, and fore reef.
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