Maddy F




Once there was a coral reef. Many kinds of animals lived there. In the coral reef lived a lionfish named Larry. Larry was very mean to all the animals at his school. His school was called Coral Education for Sea Creatures, Otherwise known as CE middle school.

At his school there was a hermit crab named Hermin. Hermin was skinny and had a crusty shell. All the other sea creatures made fun of him, and he was very lonely. His only friend was a kind sea urchin named Arwin. Arwin had long black spines and protected Hermin from bullies.

The principal at CE middle school was a sea turtle named Mrs. Torman. She liked everyone… except Hermin. She always gave him detention for no reason. One day while hermin was eating his worm and algae sandwich, Mrs. Torman came up to him and said, “ Hermin, what on earth are you doing eating a worm and algae sandwich! “ you know we have strict rules about eating worms at this school!” “ Detention!” Sadly, Hermin scuttled to the detention room.

After detention Hermin was walking home when he saw a staghorn coral crying. “Why are you crying?” asked hermin. “Because I have black-band disease.” “I’m going to die soon.” said the coral. “Oh, that’s too bad.” Said Hermin. “See ya!”

When Hermin came home he saw that his friend, Arwin, was at his house. Hermin came to Arwin’s house every day, so this was normal for them, but this time Hermin saw a small fish in Arwin’s spines. When Hermin asked, “Who is that fish?” Arwin said, “Oh that’s just a goby, they like to nestle in my spines.” Hermin decided it was best to ignore the fish, so he tried his best to ignore the goby, because Arwin didn’t seem to mind.

When Arwin got to school the next day he was in a good mood. He studies for his tests, did all his homework, and felt confident.

Hermin sat across from Arwin (as usual) at lunch that afternoon. Hey were laughing about… well they didn’t really know what they were laughing about. They would suddenly burst out in random laughter. When the looked over at “the cool kid’s table” they saw Larry whining that he’d forgotten his lunch. A few moments later Hermin saw Arwin’s eyes go wide and when Hermin turned around, there he was. Larry the lionfish.

Hermin turned to set his food down. As he did asked, “Alright, what do you want?” Suddenly Arwin yelled, “LOOK OUT!” Hermin tried to move; yet he couldn’t. He was gone. Gasps and screams were heard throughout the room. Larry had eaten Hermin. It happened in a painless flash. Everyone, even those who had hated him, felt bad and wished they hadn’t been so mean to him. Arwin couldn’t take it and left the room bawling. Hermin was dead.

The whole school missed Hermin, even Larry and Mrs. Torman. In the end Arwin became best friends with the goby, whose name was Gabbi. Larry had never forgiven himself. Now, everyone hated him. But on the bright side, he quit bullying, and was nice to Arwin, to make up for eating his best friend.

But don’t worry; eventually everyone (but Hermin) lived happily ever after.


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